Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 14: Final Presentation

Gelap is derived from Malay it means darkness. Our walking installation only happens at night or during rainy weather so long the sky is dimmed.


To show that internally we are are the same, externally we are different as human beings by using cost effective materials. There is no way to accurately convey the experience other than to have it and can’t be photographed or filmed.

The Idea

Walking around the art district whilst portraying skeletons of different movements using waterproof LED lights on a transparent plastic from our umbrella.

  • Using cost-effective materials to send our message
  • Outsiders will give mixed reactions
  • Approach us when they wonder what is it about
  • Experience it for themselves

Using LED Strips:

  • Showing the form of the skeletal movements  
  • Message conveyed will be more powerful as compared to in the day.
  • To switch on, at the umbrella handle

Programmes used: BLENDER.ORG
Two softwares, specially developed from Blender software (3D simulation) and Live/MaxForLive (light and sound creation programming) which are connected to the LED lights.


The Launch
  • 7pm - 11pm @ Chijmes GrassPatch
Why Chijmes? 
  • CHIJMES at Victoria Street – entertainment, history, architecture and beauty in one complex that's in the heart of the city.

Artist Reference: Groupe LAPS (France)
The 3D simulations of kinetic animations + the modelling of the site deliver precise plans of the systems required to accurately fix the keyframes in space.

A jaw is clamped onto one of the
keyframe tubes. These jaws are then fixed to a metallic structure adapted to each building in an adjustable way respecting keyframes’ positions inspired from the 3D simulations.

Based in France, Groupe LAPS is a collective of artists who use light in urban environments to tell stories.

Image Ref: http://inhabitat.com/key-frames-dancing-figures-light-up-the-night-with-low-energy-leds/keyframes_groupelaps_light-stick-figures/
Image Ref: https://www.creativereview.co.uk/lumiere-2016-field-studio-discuss-their-audio-visual-sculpture-spectra-3-as-the-light-festival-arrives-in-london/
Through micro-stories weaved upon the stately National Museum of Singapore facade, KEYFRAMES offers narration in the city – urban stories where bodies and their movements play main roles. Part animation and part moving sculpture, the LED figures and their routine imbue static buildings with energy and excitement. This new installation – part of the KEYFRAMES series – brings glimmers of the past to life.

Comprising video-makers, artists, musicians and lighting experts, the group creates technical pieces that veer between reality and fiction.

  • Umbrella: $15 - $25
  • Waterproof LED Lights Strip: $60
  • Black cloth: $15
  • Transparency plastic: $20
  • Blender.org software: FREE

Total: $110 - $120

Image Ref: https://www.creativereview.co.uk/lumiere-2016-field-studio-discuss-their-audio-visual-sculpture-spectra-3-as-the-light-festival-arrives-in-london/

Comments/Suggestions given:

Will people actually come up to us seeing what they see at Chijmes grasspatch?
Is Chijmes a good location to be doing this?
Will there only be 2 of us doing this?
Is it ridiculous to walk under the rain - how do people approach you?

I think it would be better if we were to think through on our 'performance' for this installation and could have been better at explaining our concept.

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