Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Art Hackathon

Fifty artists-hackers and hacker-artists got together over a weekend in a big space to create an art exhibition from scratch and demonstrate the expressive potential of new technology and the power of radical collaboration in art. In my opinion it is amazing what they are doing instead of using hacking for bad purposes. They make exhibitions from scratch after spending hours on hacking and collaborate with one another with their ideas. 

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One of the works created: Museum of Lies

Team: James Green, Maia Smith, Jodi Crisp, Catherine Jones, Mike Alger, Tom Flynn


The Museum of Lies is an exploration of how the stories of historical objects can be told, retold ... and falsified.
Their creation grew from the premise that Museums (capital M) don’t always tell the whole truth - think of replica masterpieces or conjecture in object descriptions - or leave out parts of an objects story that are considered incompatible with the ‘official’ narrative (e.g. the ‘Elgin Marbles’).
Their team ended up creating two ways to present such concepts through interactive experience:
  • A VR museum that presented 3D scans of objects in a replica of the actual space the user was in (we 3D scanned the Ravensbourne college foyer!) and pulled in an infinite stream of altered and falsified Wikipedia articles related to them, displaying the text in realtime in the 3D environment.
  • An Arduino based physical interface that used 3D printed artefacts to trigger an information display pulling in the same edited Wikipedia descriptions, complete with rotary controllers to ‘turn up the lies’.

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